Aminé – Good For You

Artist: Aminé
Album: Good For You
Genre: Rap / R&B
Label: Republic Records
Release Date: July 28, 2017

Aminé released his first studio album Good For You on July 28, 2017. The 2017 XXL Freshman made incredible numbers with his single “Caroline” which has an amazing beat with a hook that always gets stuck in your head. The entire album has incredible beats, like the lofi sounding “Sundays” which is about his religion and his family and health. Another amazing song “Turf” which has a mellow ear-to-ear beat and incredible vocals. The album also has great features like “Wedding Crashers ft. Offset” where both Aminé and Offset have great bars about love over an upbeat pop beat. Another great feature is the bonus track “Heebiejeebies ft. Khelani” in which Aminé’s and Khelani’s voices harmonize almost perfectly over an electronic beat. Aminé varies his style a lot throughout the whole album like in the mellow, chill “Blinds” to the auto-tuned electronic “STFU” to the upbeat “Yellow” and “Spice Girl.” Aminé transitions from singing to rapping perfectly in almost every song. The album just varies in sound so much it has a lot of replay-ability. The album is fun and is a perfect summer album because it has chill songs but also has upbeat bangers. This Oregon  rapper’s first album shows lots of promise for the future.

Favorite Tracks:
Wedding Crashers ft. Offset
Spice Girl

Final Score:

Track List:

01 – Veggies
02 – Yellow
03 – Caroline
04 – Hero
05 – Spice Girl
06 – STFU
07 – Wedding Crashers
08 – Sundays
09 – Turf
10 – Blinds
11 – Dakota
12 – Slide
13 – Money
14 – Beach Boy
15 – Heebiejeebies (Bonus)


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