Joey Bada$$ – All Amerikkkan Bada$$

Artist: Joey Bada$$
Album: All Amerikkkan Bada$$
Genre: Hip Hop / R&B
Label: Cinematic Music Group / Relentless Records
Release Date: April 7, 2017

Joey Bada$$ took a whole new direction with his newest album. He went from all 90’s boom bap style rap with his earlier projects to almost an R&B style singing and rap album. The entire album is set around the concept of racial inequality in modern day America. He released 3 amazing singles like the radio hit “Devastated” with an amazing hook that gets stuck in your head, he also released “Temptation” which has a terrific upbeat tone and fitting samples from Zianna Oliphant’s Speech to the Charlotte City Council. Another track that is more personal to Joey is “Y U Don’t Love Me?(Miss Amerikkka)” which is about a girl who he cared deeply about but she didn’t return the feelings and continues to talk about race and inequality. On this track he has an almost J. Cole flow over a slow beat. Other good tracks are “Rockabye Baby ft. Schoolboy Q” which has an intense bass heavy beat with a terrific hook and Schoolboy Q’s feature fits in seamlessly, and “Legendary ft. J.Cole” which has some amazing bars from both Joey and Cole. Joey then closes with the track “Amerikkkan Idol” which has a slower R&B beat then switches to a more dark and intense beat halfway through. This song contains amazing bars throughout and closes with Joey talking about the terrible state of the government and mainstream media with a gritty glitchy sound on his voice. Joey closes the album as strong if not stronger then how he opened it. The entire album is premised around inequality and government yet it never gets boring with his variety of beats and sound. Not only has Joey changed to a new style he has mastered it.

Favorite Tracks:
Y U Don’t Love Me(Miss Amerikkka)
Rockabye Baby ft. Schoolboy Q
Legendary ft. J.Cole

Final Score: 9.5/10