Ugly God Drops Debut Mixtape – The Booty Tape

Friday August 4 Texas rapper Ugly God released his first mixtape named The Booty Tape. Just after being on XXL as a 2017 Freshman Ugly God started teasing his new mixtape and released his hit single “Fuck Ugly God” which is a disstrack on himself. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Welcome To The Booty Tape
2. Stop Smoking Black & Milds
3. I’m A Nasty Hoe
4. I’m Tryna Fuck
5. Fuck Ugly God
6. No Lies ft. Wiz Khalifa
7. Bitch!
8. L.D.C
9. Like A Maverick
10. Water

The mixtape includes his hits like “Water” and “Bitch” which he released earlier on soundcloud and other music platforms.